5.5 Ton AC Unit for MG Coaches

5.5 Ton AC Unit for MG Coaches


In response to the Indian Railway need for AC Package Unit for MG Coaches that has to be light weight, reliable, durable, high on cooling, low on energy consumption, easy and quick to install and replace with lower maintenance cost we designed and build 5.5 Ton AC Unit for MG Coaches.

These units have been tested at the National Aerospace Laboratory, Bangalore confirm to International electrical consumers (IEC-77) quality standards. Prototype checked by Research Design and Standards Organization (RDSO) as per Ministry of Railways bench mark.

Salient Features

High Saving
Light weight saves fuel for hauling, weight save Rs. 10,000/- per year per coach in diesel fuel cost.
Environment FriendlyUses a small quantity (2.2kgs) of the environment friendly Refrigerant Gas R-22.
Low Down TimeReplacement of the package can be done in little over 4 hours.
Hygienic Fresh AirFresh air is taken from the roof which supplies cleaner fresh air free of toilet odour prevalent in the conventional system.
No Refrigerant LeaksHermetically sealed system has any fittings or shaft seals thus presenting little potential of gas leaks and avoiding major break downs.