Microprocessor for LHB Coaches

Microprocessor for LHB Coaches


Microprocessor for LHB Coaches

In response to the Indian Railway need for advance technology we achieved a major break through in developing Microprocessor Controller Unit for LHB Coaches. Main important feature is that its software will record the digital and analogue inputs of the system and deliver it processed to the application software. Similarly it shall select the system output according to the logic of the application software. The system software shall also perform the functions for control of the servicing interface, control of the logged faults and a detailed self testing process of the microprocessor controller during starting and functioning of the system.

Salient Features

+ Servo-Motor controlled fresh air dampers for automatic pre-cooling/ pre-heating.

+  Micro-processor Controller (with RS232) with fault diagnostics and Data Acquisition system

+  Motors protected with Thermal switches for better life.

+  Humidity Control through Hygrostat.

+  Automatic Temperature setting based on ambient and switch over to Pre-cooling / Heating mode.

Prototype checked by Research Design and Standards Organization (RDSO) as per Ministry of Railways bench mark.