Roof Mounted AC Unit (LHB)

Roof Mounted AC Unit (LHB)


In response to the Indian Railway need for a AC Package Unit, Amit Engineers added another feather to its cap by achieving a major break through in Roof Mounted AC Package Uniut (RMPU) manufacturing technology by designing LHB type RMPU. The art of technology employed in this unit is that two nos. of RMPU are controlled by single Microprocessor Controller there by reliable, durable, high on cooling side, low on energy consumption because they consist of 4 hermetically sealed compressor (two in each unit) with microprocessor-based controllers. Only 2 compressors function under normal temperature conditions. The other 2 acts as stand-by and works only during peak seasons. Microprocessor Controller rotates the operation of all 4 compressors so that wear and tear is equally uniform. Compressors are started in sequence with time delay to reduce the peak demand of electricity during start up. To ensure perfect cooling comfort during monsoons, a special dehumidification package has been installed using compressor and heating cycles.These units have been tested at the National Aerospace Laboratory, Banglore confirm to International electrical consumers (IEC-77) quality standards. Prototype checked by Research Design and Standards Organization (RDSO) as per Ministry of Railways bench Mark.

Salient Features

+ Micro-Controller based AC Package.

Provision of Electron Beam Irradiated cables with IP-68 Protection.

Servo-Motor Controlled Fresh Air Damper for automatic Pre-cooling / Pre-heating.

Micro-Processor Control (with RS 232 Port) with fault Diagnostics and Data acquisition system.

Humidity Control through Hygrostat.

Condenser Fan of Fire Retardant Plastic Blades.

Automatic Temperature setting based on ambient tempertaure sensor and switch over to Pre-cooling /Pre- Heating mode.

Improved air duct design for better air flow and cooling.

Toilets designed for discharge at pre-determined speeds to help station cleanliness.